Quartz Point Crystal


An essential crystal for everyone. Quartz is the most powerful crystal for healing and amplifying energy.


Quartz raises energy to support connection to the higher consciousness at the Crown Chakra. Use for meditation, healing and cleansing.


One Quartz Point is provided with a luxury drawstring bag and crystal description card.


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Quartz is an essential crystal for anyone that wants to enhance meditation or works with energy healing.


Quartz cleanses both the physical and spiritual body, restoring energy to a state of equilibrium. Mentally, Quartz aids concentration and memory function.


All crystals are cleansed before dispatch awaiting programming with intention by the customer upon receipt.


How to use: Hold the crystal in cupped hand or place as appropriate on the body during meditation or energy healing.



Note to customer:  As no one crystal is alike, each piece will differ in size, shape, markings & tone.


Disclaimer: Any products or descriptions are provided by us as a guide for use to complement practice. This should not substitute professional medical advice for ailments of illnesses that should be seen by a GP.


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