Masculine Crystal Set


The masculine crystal set provides a well-balanced selection for men.


All crystal sets include a description card and soft drawstring pouch bag.


Includes: Black Tourmaline, Desert Rose, Malachite, Pyrite and Smoky Quartz. 

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Black Tourmaline: An essential grounding crystal for protecting and recharging energy.

Desert Rose: A calming and balancing crystal to aid focus and concentration. Also provides emotional support.

Malachite: A supportive stone for men, Malachite strengthens commitment and willpower to maintain healthy lifestyles and relationships.

Pyrite: A crystal to boost self esteem and confidence. Supports productivity, luck and prosperity in ventures.

Smoky Quartz: A deep and powerful cleansing crystal for removing negative energies and relieving stress. Incorporate into regular meditation practice.


We take great pride in producing crystal sets to support life’s needs and challenges, and to complement other YX therapies. All YX crystal sets are hand picked to ensure a high quality. Each set is fully cleansed before dispatch.

Photos of the crystal sets show an average crystal contained in each set and therefore may vary slightly between sets.




Pyrite can form rust spots. Avoid placing near moisture.


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