Astrology & Birth Chart Analysis

Astrology Services


YX offers Astrology Readings as part of our xtended services to our wonderful community, providing valuable insights into your astrological DNA and the planetary alignments that have impact in your life.


Once you are informed of the astrological blueprint you were given at the time of your birth, you can obtain great insight into your actions, why you might behave in certain ways, the things you enjoy or dislike, the way you conduct in relationships, and the most complementary career and other pursuits.


All astrology and tarot services are provided by Jennie who has studied for many years, including completing a three-year diploma at the London School of Astrology. With Jennie’s other qualifications, she is able to offer a blended service that can integrate Life Coaching as appropriate into supplementary sessions to deepen understanding and awareness of both the self and the energies around any life situation, so clients can move forward with a deeper perspective on the situation.


All readings will be conducted via Zoom (or telephone if preferred).


Choose from:


Birth Chart Analysis

  • Get a complete insight into the make-up of your astrological DNA;
  • Understand the alignments that work in your favour and those that may be more challenging, so you can be aware of how and when these may affect you;
  • Find out when significant events may be more likely and how this might manifest in your life.

1-hour Birth Chart Analysis: £99 (includes birth chart)


Big Three Analysis

  • Get an insight into the three main planetary aspects of your birth chart – your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your Rising sign;
  • Establish the energies that are more likely to be dominant or inferior so you can use the awareness of this to understand yourself better;
  • Understand how your energy comes across to others, what drives your inner desires and fears, and how you really feel deep down.

30-min Big Three Analysis: £40 (includes birth chart)


Solar Return (Birthday) Reading

  • Find out what’s in store for the year ahead
  • Get insight into the themes and areas of focus likely to feature in the next 12 months
  • Get help with planning your year ahead and understand where you may meet obstacles or challenges

45-min Solar Return Reading: £75 (includes Solar Return Chart)


Relationship Compatibility Reading

  • Find out how compatible you and another person may be
  • Get insight into the chemistry, benefits and areas of tension between you
  • Understand what approaches may benefit this relationship

Please note, this reading requires that both people are present.

90-min Relationship Compatibility Reading: £150 (includes birth charts)


Electional Astrology

  • Determine the most auspicious time for important events such as getting married, launching a new business, moving house or some other significant life change
  • Ensure you are taking action when the stars are well-aligned

Electional astrology is provided via written report on request. £50 


If you have any further questions regarding Astrology, Life coaching, or Tarot, or would like to discuss which approach is right for you, please call Jennie on 07956 486268 or email: