Work & Study Crystal Set


This work and study crystal set provides support for communication, concentration, creativity and good fortune.


All crystal sets include a description card and soft drawstring pouch bag.


Includes: Blue Kyanite blades (x3), Celestite Cluster, Citrine Cluster, Pyrite, Rainbow Fluorite, and Selenite.


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Blue Kyanite: The cleansing ‘blades’ of blue kyanite provide support for difficult conversations or for when your words need clarity during speeches and presentations. An energy purifier, keep a piece by the computer or in your pocket to maintain a positive aura.

Celestite: A calming and guiding crystal to provide inspiration and aid creativity. Strengthens intuition and reduces mental pressure.

Citrine Cluster: This goal-getting crystal supports you to make your dreams a reality. Also provides prosperity and positive energy for creative ideas.

Pyrite: A great workplace crystal to boost self esteem and confidence. Supports productivity, luck and prosperity in ventures.

Rainbow Fluorite: An excellent crystal for cool and clear thinking. Particularly good for staying calm during exams or challenging work projects. Aids general productivity and focus, Keep at your desk or workspace.

Selenite: A powerful cleansing crystal to clear unwanted or stagnant energies. Wave around the edges of your body after a difficult meeting to move negative energies. Keep a piece by the computer and other equipment to discharge electrical energy.


We take great pride in producing crystal sets to support life’s needs and challenges, and to complement other YX therapies. All YX crystal sets are hand picked to ensure a high quality. Each set is fully cleansed before dispatch.

Photos of the crystal sets show an average crystal contained in each set and therefore may vary slightly between sets.



Blue Kyanite is very thin and can easily break.

Celestite is a fragile crystal and should be handled with care to avoid damage. Keep out of sunlight to avoid colour fading.

Pyrite can form rust spots so should not be exposed to moisture.

Selenite can flake, scratch and splinter easily.


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