Yin Yoga, 5 week course – In person


Yin Yoga, In person 5 week Course.

In this course you will be introduced to using Yoga props to support your body to settle into each pose.

Yin Yoga will stretch connective tissues, allowing the release of tension around the joints.
Increase breath awareness and strengthen mental resilience.

Course starts Thursday 9th March – 6th April 7-8pm
Sone Pavilion, Hayes Road, DA9 9DS

£49 per person.

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Are you fed up feeling LETHARGIC and lack MOTIVATION?
Is your body feeling more tense, stiff and uneasy?
Do you feel stressed and long for a practise that will teach you how to reduce and/or manage your emotions?

Yin Yoga is what you need.
New Year, New You, New Yin Course.

In my Yin class, Yoga bolsters and block will be supplied as support for your body. This enables a foundation for the body to be able to get into the pose and find the place were you can feel relaxed.

Yin uses gentle, relaxing postures to alleviate tension, enhance breath awareness, and develop mindfulness.
Yin poses are held for longer to allow the joint facets to open. So Yin is perfect for anyone who has tight hips, shoulders and or issues with the spine/spinal alignment.

This Yin course is for you if:
• You are at the bottom of your to do list and NEED some ME time.
• Need to release tension and eradicate stress within the body
• Want to increase your energy and feel happier

Benefits of Yin Yoga
• balance emotions.
• improve flexibility.
• stretch connective tissue.
• boost circulation.
• improve sleep.
• enhance mental focus.
• promote relaxation.
• develop breath awareness.

Each class will finish with deep relaxation.
Limited spaces, booking is essential.
£49 per person for the 5 week Yin Course.

The course will start Thursday 7-8pm 9th March -6th April 2023.
Venue: Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, DA9 9DS


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