New Moon in Pisces Gong Bath – Sun 23 Feb, 7-8:30pm


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The New Moon in Pisces Gong Bath takes place on Sunday 23rd February 2020, 7-8:30pm.


The new moon in the compassionate sign of Pisces heightens feelings of sympathy and spirituality, awakening us to a more selfless way of feeling, a more idealistic life that benefits all.


The influence of this moon will help you connect with your inner truth and purpose, and create a desire to put one’s self aside for the greater good.


Hope and acceptance of a new way of life enables us to see out the old for the new, with a renewed sense of purpose.


New moons often focus on the action of starting something new. However, with this new moon not just in Pisces, but also happening at the time of a Mercury retrograde, this is not a time for action, but a new way of thinking.


This could also be a time of deep emotional responses, both positive and negative. You may be more deeply aware of how your actions affect others. Others around you may be pessimistic or intolerant or slip back into bad habits, don’t allow yourself to absorb these aspects.


You may experience people needing your help, or maybe it’s you that’s in need of support?

Feeling the pain of others helps us understand how we can contribute to a better way of life. It is time to acknowledge that we are all part of one whole and what affects some of us, affects us all.


Embrace these feelings of generosity towards others. See, but don’t judge. Be kind with your words. Bring positivity into your dealings with others, help the less sensitive to be more open and forgiving.


Join us at the new moon gong bath this Sunday to harness this new world energy.


We are one…

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