October’s Full Moon gong bath brings balance to relationships

October’s Full Moon gong bath brings balance to relationships

Tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon in the Libran energy of October will light the fire on taking necessary action in our relationships.This may be to make changes, release what no longer serves us, or to restore order.

The new moon at the beginning of the month provided time for reflection of relationships; romantic relationships, family and friend relationships, and even the relationship with ourselves. What have you learned during this time?

October’s Libra seeks to bring harmony to your life in a number of ways, providing a perfect time to change what is currently out of balance. The Full Moon in Aries now forces us to take action to achieve this.

If we have been too harsh with those around us, we may feel an energetic pull at our hearts for softness and forgiveness. If we have been too soft with our relationships, we may feel our soul dig in its heels, take a stand, and set boundaries. We will see clearly where we need to refocus our energy. This can cause tension and make us feel at odds with ourselves and others. Change can certainly be difficult especially when we get caught in a pattern of behaviour.

Next year is shaping up to be a life-transforming year and October is the first time that we will start to feel the stirrings of all that’s to come.

This is a time to advocate for yourself and your well-being. Don’t be afraid to make the changes needed for progress and self-growth.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon Gong & Sound Bath will provide support for the changes and intentions that you wish to see in your life. If you are still searching for clarity, trust that the therapeutic sounds of the gong along with the bountiful moonlight will help illuminate your path.