November’s Full Moon Gong Bath to support completion of goals

November’s Full Moon Gong Bath to support completion of goals

November’s Frost Full Moon is a positive moon providing a lot of support for finally bringing long awaited dreams to reality. The full moon also benefits from high energy and opportunity to see clearly what action is necessary.

However, with Mercury retrograde and the full moon opposite Mercury, you may currently find yourself struggling to make sense of your feelings or not feeling able to convey them to others effectively. This might be showing itself as minor misunderstandings or arguments between people you interact with.

You may also be feeling somewhat confused or conflicted between what you think and what you feel?

Neptune’s position heightens sensitivity and psychic awareness, resulting in strong intuition about situations and relationships. This might highlight certain disharmony, providing the required insight to take appropriate action to restore balance as necessary.

This atmosphere also makes it a conducive time for meditation and spirituality, or for seeking counselling or advice from a respected or knowledgable figure.

Memories or dreams about your childhood or past could be a strong influence, someone you haven’t seen for a long time may even unexpectedly cross your path.

Saturn and Pluto both empower, providing supportive for stopping bad habits once and for all. Is it finally time to stub out that last cigarette, or stop reaching for the chocolate biscuits?

Where do you want to focus the energy of the full moon? What is blocking you from achieving your goals? What do you need to release or conclude to finally see success?

Bring your intention to Sunday’s full moon gong immersion and harness the energy of the session to complete this cycle before moving onto something new.