If there is ever a day to start something, it should be today

If there is ever a day to start something, it should be today

We are creatures of habit aren’t we? 😊

I know I am, I like to drink my hot water, honey & lemon from my fave mug, 🍵 I tend to eat the same breakfast & unless my work dictates otherwise, I have a pretty similar daily routine.

As you may know I recently came back from visiting the beautiful Mexico.  I love holidays because they shake up our routine.  We tend to try different food, listen to different music, speak to different people.  They say traveling expands the mind & I believe it is for the those reasons.

We often rise & fall into sleep at different hours & as far as I can remember I have never been to Asda in my bikini 👙 but on holiday anything goes 😁

Whilst there, aside from the Mayan ruins, most beautiful beaches etc my family & I had the most amazing experience of releasing baby Sea Turtles 🐢 into the ocean.

With the help of the volunteers we took these babies as close, but far enough away that allowed them to find their own way to the sea. All the while protecting them as much as we could making “walls” with our feet to help direct these babies in the right direction.

As soon as the bucket was overturned we couldn’t help but cheer these little creatures on, they seemed to go every direction but straight; so we helped as much as we naturally could.

When we acknowledged that ALL of the babies had made it into the sea, we couldn’t help but have tears in our eyes & joy in our hearts, ❤ we even applauded the little mites at their success.

After congratulating & passing on our gratitude to the Eco Team we asked them about the statistics of survival.  Out of the 103 turtles that we released around 2-4 would survive.

Those statistics sadden me, 😌 it also saddens me that today is Remembrance Day.   I can’t help but think about all of those beautiful souls lost to this world, turtles & humans.

We often moan that today is Monday, that we have to go to work.  It is in this mindset that we miss the beauty of this world, of this life.
What a truly beautiful gift it is to be able to open our eyes for one more morning, one more Monday.

I often feel an overwhelm of gratitude on such days but can’t help but ponder “How best can I honour such a day, such a life?”.

I don’t proclaim to have the correct answer but I can’t help but wonder that the most amazing gift is love, kindness & appreciation.

So today be extra kind, give a stranger a compliment, help someone with their bags.  Tell your nearest & dearest how much you love & appreciate them. 🥰

Show appreciation for others; appreciate yourself & all that you offer to this world.

Most importantly tonight; when you lay your head down be thankful for all the souls that have blessed your life (past & present); be thankful for this day & the sacrifices that were made; because this day will never exist again & if we are lucky enough to rise for another morning, be grateful for that too.

“Those that don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it”.

Namaste, Tammy x