Full Moon in Leo Gong Bath to spark revelations

Full Moon in Leo Gong Bath to spark revelations

The full moon in Leo gong bath will take place on Sunday 9th February 2020. This full moon in Leo forms an interesting aspect as the ruler of both Leo and the moon is the Sun, but also because the full moon falls on a ‘Sun’day.

The full moon in Leo provides us with a powerful opportunity to see ourselves, our relationships and our world as they actually are, rather than how we would like them to be. It also provides us with courage (of the lion) to tell people how we really feel or to pitch ourselves in some other way, in our careers or new endeavours, to shine a light on our talents.

The pairing of a full moon Leo in sun sign Aquarius is a powerful partnership that could start a revolution. It is time for things we have been planning to take centre stage. Allow the energy of the gong bring this to light.

The vibrational energy also has a positive effect on a cellular level to reduce inflammation, reinvigorate oxygenation in blood cells, and promote alkalinity in the body to resist disease.

Perfect for anyone who wants to experience a deeply relaxed and rejuvenated state. Particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammatory disease, neck pain, headaches, respiratory problems, nerve damage or injured joints.

£15 per person. Limited spaces, book now!