Energy up, weight down in 28 Days


28 Days of Cardio Yoga, Meditation & Mind-set tools to break your habits.

Nutrition and digestion advice, Tapping techniques to lower your food cravings

Lots of support and advice to keep you on track.


This is a LIVE interactive course to keep you committed and motivated.

All Yoga sessions will be live Mon-Sat with recording available if you cannot attend

Are you fed up feeling LETHARGIC and lack MOTIVATION?

Are your clothes getting TIGHTER and do you constantly head for the SNACKS?

Are you watching what you eat and have you TRIED it all but failed?


Energy up, weight down in just 28 Days is the LIVE programme for you

  • You will feel more energised
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Feel more happier and healthier


What is included in the LIVE INTERACTIVE programme?

  1. LIVE Cardio Yoga
  2. Secret Breathing techniques to lose weight
  3. Easy formula to break those bad habit


This LIVE programme is for you if:

  • You are at the bottom of your to do list and NEED some ME time.
  • Lack motivation
  • Want to increase your energy and feel happier




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