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Happy Hips Yoga Workshop – Saturday 23rd March 2019

Price: £30 for 3hr Workshop

Level: All Abilities

Aim:Having happy hips affects your overall well being, tight or unstable hips affect the lower back; abdomen, legs; feet and neck area. Establishing healthy hips will improve your posture (seated & standing) your gait and spinal health.

Whether your hips are tight through sitting all day, or unstable through too much flexibility, this workshop will leave you with an understanding on the importance of hip health, how a few simple poses can counteract your day and which ones are applicable to your lifestyle.

The asana (posture) section will include preparatory poses for any students wishing to learn the splits/monkey pose (hanumanasana) . Whether you have flexibility in this area and want to deepen your practice or struggle with tight hips, the poses will have varying degrees to allow for all abilities.

Including facial Yoga; massage and a brief talk on the anatomy and physiology of the hips.

We all know our issues are in our tissues and the hips can often be a place of tension, deep relaxation after the Yoga practice will leave your body feeling more open and overall healthier. £30 for the workshop.

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Book your place now

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