Yoga Xtend In-Depth Workshops

Parent & Child Workshop – Saturday 21st April 2018

Venue: Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Greenhithe, Kent DA9 9DS
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Price: £25 (one adult/one child), £30 (one adult/two children), £40 (two adults/two children)

Level: All levels

Aim: Ever wondered what your child(ren) do at their Yoga class or would you like to build a practice that you can enjoy together at home?

This Parent and Child workshop provides the perfect opportunity to learn the basic Yoga poses and includes partner poses that you can enjoy with your child.

Learning the benefits of the poses and why these are beneficial to growing children’s bodies, enables to parents to introduce a practice catered specifically for your child.

You will learn breathing techniques that induce calmness and enjoy a deep relaxation together.

See the fun and joy that Yoga practice brings to children and appreciate and understand all the benefits and science behind the practice.

Please book places quickly, spaces are limited and previous parent & child workshops have always been fully booked .

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Introduction to Yoga Workshop – Saturday 12th May 2018

Venue: Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Greenhithe, Kent DA9 9DS
Time: 09:45am-12:45pm

Price: Early Bird Price of £25 until 13th April, £30 thereafter

Level: Beginner, those that want a refresh, or that just want to enjoy a longer session.

Aim: To provide an effective introduction to yoga at a slower pace to prepare for attendance at weekly classes

Receive a brief background of the origin and philosophy of yoga. Benefit from step-by-step instruction of both sun salutations and the basic poses to give you confidence to take part in classes.

Find out what to expect at class and how the use of props can support or enhance practice. Breathing and relaxation techniques complete an effective overview of yoga practice.

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Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Kent DA9 9DS
07494 654 224